Frankie Gavin, with Gavin Strappe & Richard Tillinghast

Frankie Gavin
Renowned fiddle player Frankie Gavin came to Crocanoir for an evening of Music and Musings with Gavin Strappe and acclaimed writers Richard Tillinghast and Grace Wells.
Frankie has been to the forefront of Irish music for over three decades and also collaborated with musicians from many other genres including Jazz maestro Stefan Grapelli.
Frankie Gavin was born in 1956 in Corrandulla, Co. Galway. He comes from a musical family: his father played fiddle, and his mother, and all of her family, played also.
He has recorded 16 albums with De Dannan as well as a number of solo albums, and three collaborations: one a tribute to Joe Cooley entitled ‘Omos do Joe Cooley’ with Paul Brock; a fine collaboration with fellow De Dannan member Alec Finn; and one with Stephane Grapelli exploring the languages of jazz and traditional music. He has also guested with The Rolling Stones on their ‘Voodoo Lounge’ album, with Keith Richards on ‘Wingless Angels’ and with Earl Scruggs the great banjo man.
He started playing the tin whistle at age four, making his first T.V. appearance three years later. At the age of ten years old Frankie began to play fiddle and at the age of seventeen he placed first in the All Ireland Fiddle Competition and in the All Ireland Flute Competition, both on the same day.

Gavin Strappe
Gavin is from Drangan, Co. Tipperary . He is winner of two All Ireland Titles at the recent Fleadh Cheoil . Gavin will be playing Crocanoir for the first time. He comes from a family steeped in traditional music. He has been playing for many years and now studies music as well as performing. He is a member of the famed Bru Boru traditional group of entertainers.

Richard Tillinghast is one of Americas top poets – now living in Tipperary. Richard is the author of eight books of poetry and three books of non-fiction.

Grace Wells is a writer and poet. Born in 1968, she grew up in central London. On leaving school, she began working in the film and television industry, ultimately becoming a freelance producer. Fuelled by her lifelong desire to write, and through a roundabout path, she came to Ireland in 1991. She now lives in Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary with her two children.
Grace has worked with people with special needs facilitating biography and poetry workshops. She has been Literature Officer with South Tipperary Art Centre based in Clonmel, and Writer-in-Residence in Kilkenny. Gyrfalcon, her debut novel, won the Bisto Book of the Year Eilis Dillon Award in 2003. Her latest book for children, Ice Dreams, tells the story of twins Nina and Alex, who come up with an ingenious idea to save their village.