Guest Comments

A weekend was not enough, a little piece of heaven blessed with good weather, fantastic hospitality, great music and a lovely celebration of my uncle's 80th birthday.

Helen & Julian U.K

This is truly a blessed place ,complete peace, limitless hospitality. We'll be back.

The O'Sullivan family

Crocanoir must be the best way to experience the magic of Slievenamon and the peace of the Anner. A beautiful house in a beautiful setting. I'd be surprised if there's a better home to rent in the whole of Ireland.

Paul Brannigan, Wigan, England

This is the paradise. I enjoyed a lot with your family. Thanks a lot for everything- I would love to come back early.

Loreto from Spain

Had a great stay, we're back again from last year. Thanks for going that extra mile. Very family orientated - children loved the freedom and animals -parents loved the safe environment and comfort.

Kevin Lynch, Hurling Club, Derry

Wir hatten den schonsten urlaub unseres lebens.Es war fur uns wie ein stuck paradies.Danke an John Monika Sean and the grannies fur ihre gastfreundschaft und herzlicheit. Wir kamen als gaste und geher als freunde

Familie Reiter , Deutschland

Thank you so much for a great weekend. The work you have done here is amazing. This has to have been one of the best weekends ever.
I love the dogs, they were so friendly.

Saoirse Anton, Portlaoise

Monika and John, We had a wonderful time and your motto for Crocanoir is true, come as visitors - leave as friends.

Barbara Miller, New Orleans

What a magic place! We loved the Old House,the tail wagging dogs. We enjoyed the silence. We would just like to thank you for our lovely stay in your beautiful cottage. It was our first trip to Ireland. Won't be our last!

Frank & Tina, Germany

Merci Beaucoup pour le charmant week end. Superbe cadre et quelle chance temps au beau fisce. Un environment propice a mettre une bonne ambiance. Nous sortons tous frais et relaxe de cet excellent wekend. Encore merci du fond du couer.

Maria, France

I came with the L'Arche assistant retreat to this wonderful little spot. My stay has been lovely filled with fun, rest and a true sense of Ireland. This house is delightful, it felt like a home away from home from the second we arrived. Thank you for providing this beautiful home, this comfortable space for all of us to relax explore and make new friends. Hopefully I will return someday.

Naomi , Canada

They say that Christmas is the time of goodwill, reaching out within our families, and towards others. we certainly felt the spirit of Christmas as you all made our time and our children’s time so special.

The Oliver & Morgan family

Thank you so much for your hospitality; you really know how to make people feel welcome. we really felt like we were at home. You have been fantastic with the children - Elliot has enjoyed himself so much. Thanks for letting him help around the farm by picking fruit and veg and feeding the hens. We can’t wait to come back.

Richard Bernie Elliot and Katie Hearn, England

I cannot think of a more perfect place to stay during our first trip to Ireland. We will remember it for a lifetime.

Cathy & Tony McCann, Texas

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this has been. A trip of a lifetime. We pray and hope to see you all again at the end of the rainbow. There’s so much more than just a pot of gold. Please feel free to come see us in America.

Jack, Margaret, Georgiana & Carly Sellars, South Carolina, USA

Staying here really defined Ireland for me. I think we really experienced the authentic Irish tour staying here. Jamming out to some real Irish melodies was almost surreal. I can’t imagine having Ireland any other way. Thanks so much for everything.

Daniel Lone, Georgia, USA

Thank you so much for letting us stay in these beautiful houses. You were so nice to us and helped us with practically anything we needed help with. You guys have set this place up so that it feels like it is home. You treated us so well by getting some musicians here to play for us. That was awesome. You and Sean were awesome playing. Thanks again and maybe I will come back some day. I give Crocanoir 5 stars and two thumbs up.

Caroline Lane (Age 12), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Many thanks for your hospitality; it was a real pleasure to stay in such a lovely home and such welcoming people. We hope to get back to you very soon. With kindest regards. Thank you so much once more.

Valerie, Jasper & Ella Madan, Myers, Co Meath

Thank you so much for a wonderful time in a beautiful place by the foot of the mountain of the women. A fit celebration for the 'Hen' and thanks especially for the loan of the guitar.Das haus ist perfekt Und sehr schon renoviert and der blick v Carraig Ma Clear herslich.

Catriona Ni Dhuill, Wien, Austria

Visitors ! we recommend that you hike up to Carraig Ma Clear, not too tough a walk through a magical forest and amazing views all around and a smattering of history thrown in. Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality. So many lovely details-beautiful flowers in every room, brilliantly stocked place with everything you could need and so much care and attention to making sure your guests have a wonderful time. A gang of 11 ladies had a wonderful time in this beautiful spot.

Sheila Convery, Dublin

Dear John, Monika and Bermingham family, if we had any expectations of what was to come at Crocanoir they were completely washed away by the tidal wave of your warmth and hospitality. I speak for Dad and the entire family when I say we feel as if we started a friendship connection with your family. Coming to Ireland was an important trip for us to connect with our roots and as we leave CrocanOir it seems as if we are leaving cousins behind. Thanks for the music and especially the Samaritan fund raiser in Kilkenny and thanks so much for recognizing the entire Mc Henry Clan publicly during your performance. Warmest regards. Your cousins (honorary)

Elric, Dj, Bertrand, Patti, Tori, Briana, Ashton Jordan, Houston, Texas,

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. It’s a lovely house and piece of land. Your home is truly blessed. We have had a better time here than we have had all week. It’s a wonderful adventure. Hope we can visit in the future.

Victoria Mc Henry, Texas

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home, it’s been the experience of a lifetime that we won’t soon forget.

Ashton, Texas

I had such a great time here. The music, the games and the care was wonderful. I had such a fun time with Sean and John. With all love.

Briana, Texas

John & Monika, Sean and Grandmothers:
We had a wonderful time with you. Thanks so much for the music in Kilkenny and for 'calling out' the returning Mc Henry family. It touched us all and the music was just great. Thanks again and come stay with us if you make it to Texas.

Elric & DJ McHenry, Texas, USA

Peace and atmosphere of the house was exceptional, quality of the house first class will be back in the near future. Thanks for everything.

The Crowe family, Co Cavan

The best of this house; Monika and John Ah! any more of John's music? Nice to meet you.

Victor Vicente & Alejandro, Spain

Viva Espana ! Crocanoir is a magic place!

Maria (5) Manuel (3) Vicent (5) Angel (6), Madrid & Valencia, Spain

There’s so much to say. We just want to express our sincere thanks for your hospitality and friendship during our stay in Ireland. You've made our trip during these two weeks a memorable experience and we look forward to when we meet again, either in Ireland or Louisiana.
Thanks so much for showing us where Maureen’s Grandfather and grandmother lived as well as her other ancestors. We loved all the stories about the days of old. We will never forget all the wonderful moments we had here at CrocanOir.
John: Thanks for all the hard work you did on researching the O’Sullivan family.
The pub was a great time.
Monika: Thank you for opening your heart and home to us, cooking such wonderful food and putting up with the late nights..
Seanie: It was a great pleasure meeting you.
Keep practicing your soccer, music and dancing.
You were awesome.
At closing thanks for all the Craic.
Slan agat agus Oiche Mhaith.

Maureen & Bert, Louisiana, USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful break. We enjoyed it so much; we will be back with our kids.

June & John, Scotland

Thank you for having us back to Hawe's Barn and making our stay so warm and comfortable.

Pam & Len Trudgill, England

Thanks for the safe refuge of Hawe's Barn. We had a great stay. We have appreciated your kindness and will recommend this beautiful place on earth to our friends.

John & Barbara Chandler, Brisbane, Australia

We had a great time in Hawe's Barn. The kids loved the games room and playing football. The scenery is beautiful and we had a nice relaxing time. Thank you so much for your warm welcome. The kids are talking about coming back already.

Anita, Joe, Emma, Jonathan, Keith (and Shiloh), Ireland

What a relaxing and tranquil space! All the hospitable details invite me to make myself at home. Thank you for sharing this place with us tired folks.

Cherie George, Florida, USA

I had a lovely comfortable night here in Hawes Barn. The memories came flooding back. Wonderful memories of a happy childhood spent in Ballycullen. I could not have asked for better and look forward to my next visit.

Donal Conlon, Galway

It’s the small things done well and with care that make for happy memories and friendship. On this holiday we have found that in abundance from yourselves. Thanks for the apple jelly-the little piece of Irish hospitality we take home will last us long after the jam is finished. 'Croc an Oir' --there's a song going to come from my guitar one day" Rich and deep blessings.

Lucy & Jim, Perth, Scotland

John & Monika, Thank you both for a truly gorgeous stay. Thanks too for the stars, the music, making me sing and, most particularly, thanks for taking me back through childhood summers in Mullinahone, to memories tripping like ghosts in my head.

Anne & Mel, Dublin

Thank you for your warm hospitality, help, humour and extras. We'll be back with friends for a visit to 'The Old House'.

Tamsin & Sean, London

Thank you for all your friendly hospitality, easy to feel home here, lots of light stone walls, a sturdy bed and a warm fire.
What more could a couple in love ask for!

Rob & Marlene

We will do everything and anything it takes to put Croc an Oir on the map and spread the word that staying with the Berminghams will bring tranquillity, a smile on your face and a song in your heart. It certainly has for us!

Guy & Frances, Bristol, England

Mist on the Mountains, A dog at my feet
A welcoming fire, Sheets that smell sweet.
Endless green fields, Time without plans
knitting and reading, Cup of tea in my hands
Dozing by the fire, Lovely warm soup,
Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof. Thanks so much.


To Ireland with Love

I have stood on your hilltops
Stared into your skies
been soaked by your sea
and cooled by your breeze

I have danced with your people
walked your mountains and valleys
tramped through your meadows
and gathered your flowers

I have tasted your beer, whisky and cider
learned your songs
been kissed by your puppies
and sung to sleep by your rain

I have breathed your sweet air
been held in your arms

Thanks again for this special place
Its even more beautiful
than I remembered.

Rachel Webster, Reading PA , USA

John Und Monika

"Es ist so schon bei euch! Nach unserem kurz besuch in letstem sommer, wollten wir unbedingt in den Genuss kommen, in diesem herlichem cottage einen urlaub Zu verloringen. Die luft und natur haben uns sehr gut getan. Wir haben uns bei euch wirklich entspannt.
Vor dem kamin zu sitzen, tee zu trinken und zu lesen...
und dann dieser herliche ausblick1
Wir werden uns einen grosenkoffer voll Irisher luft mitnehem"

Christian & Sylvia, Deutschland

Fantastic week in this beautiful house. The kids loved the animals, nature and plenty of room. Thanks for that gorgeous holiday in a perfect hot April week. Feeling like a landlady in a “Homes and Gardens” site-Don’t try to make anything better-it’s simply loveable this way.

Claudia, Peter, Helena & Alexander Arwanitis, Germany

Thank you so much for the wonderful week we spent here. It was our 3rd time and it definitely won’t be the last! Two years ago we would not have imagined this place as it is now. Its quite a feat and we can feel all the love, energy and hard work that went in to it.
Can’t wait to come back to see the Music-Room!

Sylvia & Christian, Germany

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in “The Old House”. You and your family's hospitality have been deeply appreciated. We will make sure to talk to all who plan a trip to Ireland and highly recommend this location.

Jim and Colleen Marino, New York, USA

Words can’t describe my overwhelming gratitude with stepping back in time. I deeply appreciate all the time you spent with us - making us feel at home. The time and memories we will cherish always and share with our family in the States.

Therese & Ross Dayton, Rochester, New York, USA

Lovely place, all the best with the venture. Thanks John for your friendship and knowledge of history.

Tom Kelly, Australia (ne Mullinahone)

We had a great stay. This was the best holiday home we've stayed in for 15 years. Also many thanks for your hospitality.

Kentau Fraternity, Netherlands

We had expected a beautiful house and amazing views but what we found here is far beyond our expectations. It's not only outstanding in its look but also warm in its character. We've experienced many unforgettable adventures and even the rain didn't seem to be a problem. There was no chance of us being bored here. Well done! Thank you very much for a great music session. All the dancing and singing was simply terrific. We hope you remember all the Polish songs we sung. It was a wonderful holiday" Thank You.

Allie,Mihotaj, Mateus-Dominick, Poland

A wonderful house and lovely location - the recipe for a perfect holiday. Best wishes.

Dee & Chris Whiting, Worcestershire, England

Had a fantastic time, lovely warm welcome, beautiful peaceful surroundings and top class accommodation.
Will definitely recommend to friends and will definitely come again soon.

David & Alison O' Brien, Southampton, England

I own a travel adventure company called Arriba Adventures. The peacefulness, the magnificent surroundings brings you back to nature, also the hospitality of the Berminghams is second to none. I know I will be back soon

Diane Lanigan, Grangemockler & New York

Thank you John & Monika for your generosity and for sharing this beautiful place with us. For sure God is here. I left part of my spirit here and will be back for it. Blessings.

Carol & Olivia Dorsey, Fairport, New York, USA

Wir freuen uns auf Nachsten jahr wenn wir uns wieder sehen. Das haus is so wunderschon gewardenman kann es mit worten gar nicht ausdruchen wie schon alles gewerden ist Danke ....Danke....Danke
Ihr Liebe"

Norbert & Evi Furth, Deutschland

Many thanks for allowing us to use your beautiful house for my 40th birthday.
The open fire when guests arrived was really homely, the bedroom cosy. We had a fantastic stay and book us in for ten years time! Many thanks.

Sheila Michael Hanly & Co , Upper Ballycullen, Mullinahone